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Terms and Conditions for Swaiqa website.

1. Must take into account the teachings of Islamic Sharia in all input data whether in advertising or data user and any violation of it will lead to delete the declaration may lead to cancellation of the membership at the site.
2. You must make sure the validity of the registration data written: contact numbers or e-mail with emphasis on constantly updated. If it turns out that this information is incorrect , would result in cancellation of the membership at the site.
3. Does not allow using a user name or improper use vague letters or numbers in the registration process .
4. Membership is canceled registered on the site automatically if over a one - year record did not use the site.
5. Member Ooualemaln that knows its contact information ( phone number or e-mail) that was added at the site will be posted on the site so as to enable the other party to communicate with him , and the completion of the business process with him. It is necessary , therefore , the confidentiality of this data location . The User and the advertiser bear full responsibility for all their own thing and the fill on the site
6. Are conventions or business processes ( recruiting, selling , buying , leasing , kissing , أوغير ) between the parties to the process ( the advertiser and browser) directly and without any responsibility or intervention from the site.
7. When you add any ad be sure to add it in the right place in terms of the section and sub- classification .
8. Must be adhered to in all credibility declaration added data
9. Is not allowed to repeat the same ad more than once , as this will delete all ads refined, and if done by repeating the announcement of the same member for most of the time would result in loss of membership .
10. Must be adhered to classified ads Advertising is not permitted vague unclear or incomplete .
11. Are not allowed to add links to other sites in order to declaration
12. For inquiries or to make proposals can communicate directly with the management of the site in the Contact Us page .
13. The site is available to visitors and members to enable them to have easy access to promotional advertising in the Arab world . The information provided on the site for personal use only . May not reproduce or copy the information to increase traffic to any other site for commercial reasons or information , including advertising. In addition, you may not use the slogan " stalk " or reproduce any content for any purpose without written consent .
14. You must not copy the content of the site , or reproduced , or published , or broadcast , or modify , or distribute , or commercially exploit any kind or make available through the Services or making that content available through the network.
15. The company has the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time it deems it . The longer your continued use of the site and its services after amend these terms and conditions approved by you on all of these Terms and Conditions.
16. Because ads on stalks are entered from all members of the site users all over the Arab world, he has the site is not responsible for any ads do not achieve credibility .
17. Your use of the site signifies your agreement and your compliance with all terms of the agreement mentioned above.


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