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Surely, we aren’t the first. But we strives hard and honesty to achieve your satisfaction. Also achieving a set of joint objectives meets stakeholder’s hopes and expectations in SWAIQA. Far away from prejudice to any individual interest
The simple user, who searches in the web space. Is one of our most valuable foundations. Then other stakeholders from independent members, or the gentlemen who manages all organizations which will have an effective and leading role within SWAIQA’s society. And we promise all to do our best serving all. No matter where are they on the face of the globe, without any prejudice to specific person or place. Taking away all circumstances to flatten the earth’s parts within user’s grasp, where no either seas or rivers, neither mountains nor valleys. And without any distances have to be crossed. We will be happy for all who joins us. And he will find what makes us special from others

SWAIQA, is an integrated society, an untypical picture. A mirror which you can see all human activities around you in several fields through

What you got between your hands represents only a fraction of our ambitions and needs. And you will find what is new and impressive. We in SWAIQA will be in a long & tuff Time Race to provide best services to you

What you got between your hands summarized in features and services explained below, with a studied categorization which cares about all properties if the place you live in, and you can sail without a ship to any other place you want

Dear Visitor, You’ve Here
An effective and accurate search engine makes you capable to get what you search for, in a unique style. Gets you what you need, saves a lot of your efforts, time & money
All what markets’ opportunities, commercials, and ads.-in all fields and places
Websites and links which are important for you. Carefully selected with what matches what place you select

Registration in SWAIQA’s society, makes you capable to

Enjoy all previous services  for visitors plus the following
Adding any ads.- goods or services related to categories in the website, with providing you with all tools and methods you need to request or display with a modern techniques you won’t find in another place
Getting periodic publications, specified as your choice, with the ability to change or cancellation whenever you want.
Highlighting your ads, booking a suitable location within the main pages in SWAIQA. Even within (Special Opportunities), or (Urgently Required). Also within static or moving pictures in the main pages
Dear organization owner, we are pleasured to inform you that you are capable to do the following
Registering your organization in the website, owning a special space   which brings an enormous no. of potential customers who are interesting on your products and services. With other best features and authorities made for you, with no competition in any similar website. Summarized in the following
Main Information of the Establishment, which includes all required fields to introduce your est. in a detailed way. With providing a location map, registering all branches when founded within One city or more, supported by several kinds of text and diagram files, pictures or videos, which reflects your activities
Providing you with a detailed databases, helps you putting all services and activities provided by your Est., makes clients gets to you easily, reflecting your distinctive to the best
Special – Open, Advertising Spaces. To put whatever ad. You wish. In a new , fantastic and unexpected shapes
Registering any of your products by a stimulating method, taking advantage that SWAIQA made, which makes others reaches you easily, fast & accurate



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