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Joining & Advertising with us is our pleasure
We appreciate your confidence, asking Allah almighty to reconcile you and this step returns back to you with benefits through highlighting what you provide. With a faith that you well done advertising with us, and we would like to inform you that advertising in our website allows you several options with what meets your needs, wants, and capabilities. Thus through the following
Advertisement Location
Top of the page
Side Advertisement
Bottom of the page
Advertisement Placement

Main website page – Includes all countries and cities
All pages specified for certain countries
All pages inside a certain country – when exploring main website activities and categories
All pages for a certain city
Some pages in a certain city – but within certain activities and categories

Select what’s proper to you through these options, and do one of those
First Register your own advertisement through your account (Advertise with us), put any material you need, we will activate the advertisement after direct coordination with you
second sending a message through (Contact Us) link on the top of the main page, telling us about your advertisement needs
We will coordinate with you regarding that, we can also offer a design for your advertisement
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